Joe Tromiczak


Cathy Camper
Jack Hanson
Joe Tromiczak
Darren Jensen

Jennifer Raymond
Betsy Devries

Festival of Appropriation : 1999-2000
The Festival of Appropriation began in July of 1999 at a caffe near the University of Minnesota. It ran thru December of 1999, and in January invited all the artists back for a "best of" showcase. The following year (Fall, 2000), the Festival of Appropriation was held at the same caffe, in Minneapolis. The series was shortened, from six months to two, but continued to focus on works of collage, assemblage and mixed media. Artists included Joe Barrilaro, Cathy Camper, Betsy Devries, Jack Hanson, Darren Jensen, Jennifer Raymond and Joe Tromiczak.

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