Allen Christian

Mark Gunderson
The Fall 2002 Festival of Appropriation
The 2002 Festival of Appropriation is proud to present a great mix of local, national and international collage artists working with everything from film collage and works on paper, to assemblage and absurdist graffiti art.

Local artist, Allen Christian, known for his sculptural work and his
studio, The House of Balls, will present several works of sculptural assemblage. Active in the visual arts for over twenty years, Christian uses a palette of new and recycled materials to construct his extraordinary assemblage works.

The 4th Annual Festival of Appropriation will also include the work of sound collage artists the Tape-beatles, who will present a film collage piece composed of found footage and set to one of their original sound collage compositions. We are also proud to present the public installation work of Mark Gunderson, known for his involvement with the Evolution Control Committee. Gunderson will present a document of the absurd graffitti art he created in and around Cleveland, Ohio in the late 1980's.

The Festival of Appropriation is sponsored in part by Some Assembly Required, a syndicated radio program which focuses exclusively on "tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations."

Check back to find out more about this year's Festival of Appropriation.

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